Friday, February 10, 2006

welcome to the fun palace

more cedric price then cedric price's "fun palace."


the century with mushroom clouds

I was looking for this project/piece today and I found the artist's web page. Given the singularity, and brilliance of "the century with mushroom clouds," I was surprised that so much of his work is so bland and almost corporate. I guess that is the disadvantage of having a web site that catalogs all your work; the mystique is lost. Good and bad work, sit on the same plain at the same resolution. His page, of any "fine artist’s" web-presence I’ve seen, is most like that of an architectural office (and that is not a good thing!) Instillation artists (who are commissioned) must face similar self-promotion issues to architects, and presenting a large volume of work would imply an ability to produce consistently...
However, when branding becomes an issue, there is probably more cultural capital in being under-exposed.

cultural melting bath

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Jersey chiaroscuro

light and dark is relative...

Friday, February 03, 2006

par avion

I came across this paring of stamps last week and an interest in the combination has stuck with me. This is not only because both images represent, in their own way some aspect of the lineage of my current work (Hernan Diaz Alanso's studio), but also because of their internal conversation and mode of representation. Across scale, culture, time and paradigm there is a link here with a common aesthetic conception and perception. It's not productive to "type" or taxonify this quality, even though its greater implications are many, because it wonderfully blurs into so many other esthetics. The relationship implicit is more fecund as an ingredient... there is also something wonderfully "american" (in the sense of this land, not politically), in the juxtaposition of the TWA, Navajo Jewelry and a "par avion" sensibility.