Tuesday, January 24, 2006

jump suits



jump suit!
A continuous in-seam zipper and expandex chest and arm breathing panels make this aerodynamic suit able to expand and contract with movement. The built-in hood has criss-crossing straps for an adjustable contoured fit eliminating the "blind spot" of most hoods. The bell-like leg cuff design repells water splashing back to the ground. Black nylon cire. Green leather and white cotton piping. The enigmatic creation of eugene tsui.


Blogger jean said...

oh my god, i can't believe you posted something from eugene tsui! so wacky! his work is VERY grotesque (and dare i say amateurish) -- in that charming hallucinogenic, personal-universe kind of way ...

my old editor knew his wife (who might be the model in these photos?), and gave me his email address. i wrote a hello, and he responded with this strange, vitriolic letter about how much he hates developers and shanghai.

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